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Presteigne Primary School

'Inspire, Nurture and Succeed! Ysbrydoli, Maethu a Llwyddo!'




Inspire, Nurture and Succeed!


Inspire - Creating a love of learning, one chapter at a time!

Nurture – Working together in an environment built on kindness and respect

Succeed – Empowering all learners to reach their potential

Curriculum Summary

Curriculum Teams 2022-2023


This year, our staff are working hard on our journey towards the Curriculum for Wales 2022. We have established staff teams to work on each of the Areas of Learning and Experience (AoLEs). 


Health and Well-being

Mrs Cook (Lead)

Mrs Lewis

Mrs Palmer


Languages, Literacy and Communication

Mrs Stinton (Lead)

Mrs Cook

Miss McCarthy

Mr Lewis


Science and Technology

Mrs Palmer (Lead)

Mrs Jones (Digital Lead)

Miss McCarthy



Mrs Coxshall (Lead)

Miss McCarthy

Mrs Stinton


Maths and Numeracy

Mrs Jones (Lead)

Mr Lewis 

Mrs Coxshall


Expressive Arts

Mrs Jones (Lead)

Mrs Caine

Mrs Lewis


Mrs Jones and Mrs Cook are Digital Champions for the school.

Mrs Palmer is the ALNCo.

National Professional Enquiry Project 2021-2022


This year, we have been taking part in the NPEP project working on the enquiry question 'To what extent can we use stories to develop children's knowledge of real-world practical applications for their science and technology skills?'


Our section 3 report, multimedia report and additional resources can be accessed using the following links: