Wiggle and Crawl

We have been busy painting our favourite minibeast.

It has been interesting learning all about insects and their homes.

Incredible Inventions Haf 2019

As part of our topic ‘Incredible Inventions’, we have been investigating what makes an inventor great. We found out about the work of Louis Pasteur and used this to inspire our artwork and sewing. We researched incredible inventors and the members of the suffragettes and created our own book biography pages. Take a look at some of our incredible work!

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Clockwork Mai 2019

After reading the story Clockwork by Philip Pullman, 6J designed their own clockwork figures and used printing rollers to create blueprint designs for Karl to follow to create a clockwork figure.

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2C Tymor yr Haf 2019

What a busy half term we are having! We are enjoying our ‘Water, Water, Everywhere’ topic.  We really enjoyed printing pictures of different sea creatures and creating these fantastic 3D models.


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STEM Mai 2019

To launch our new topics ‘I like to move it!’ and ‘Incredible Inventions’, KS2 held a super STEM day. We used our knowledge of science, technology, engineering and maths to solve a series of problems upsetting Mr Faulkner! He was really pleased with our creative solutions. Da iawn pawb!


Kensuke’s Kingdom Spring 2019

This term, we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The story has inspired lots of our work, including diary entries, maps and artwork (inspired by Hokusai). We have also been learning about orangutans and the threat posed to them by palm oil plantations.

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