Minecraft App Review March 2017

`Minecraft App Review March 2017


“Minecraft is good because it’s creative!”

“We can build story settings to help our creative writing.”

“Dw i’n rhoi pump seren i Minecraft!”

“I give five stars to Minecraft!”


Pic Collage Review March 2017

Pic Collage Review March 2017

pic collage

This month, our review is all about Pic Collage!

We used the app to design posters advertising the role of the Digital Wizards. Here is what we thought…

“I recommend Pic Collage to help you design posters!”

“Pic Collage is easy to use to help you design posters.”

“Pic Collage is fun!”

“Dw i’n rhoi pump seren i Pic Collage!”

“I give five stars to Pic Collage!”



GarageBand Review January 2017

GarageBand Review January 2017

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This month, we tried out the GarageBand app to find out how it could enhance our music lessons.

“We find it really easy to use!”

“I think it’s really good fun to play on because you can make your own music!”

“It’s good to use in school because it is different to using instruments in music classes!”

“Dw i’n rhoi pump seren i GarageBand.”

“I give five stars to GarageBand.”




Explain Everything Review December 2016

Explain Everything Review December 2016


Our featured app for December is ‘Explain Everything”.

We thought the app was really useful and would make lessons more interesting. We liked the fact that you could use a range of multimedia including text, images and sound.

“I think Explain Everything is a really useful app for the Juniors.”

“Dw i’n rhoi pedair seren i’r Explain Everything!”

“I give Explain Everything four stars!”


Scratch Jr Review November 2016

Scratch Jr Review November 2016


This month, we met to review the app Scratch. We thought about how fun, educational and how functional and easy to use it was. Here are some of our thoughts:

“I like Scratch because it is fun to make animals do funny things!”

“I like Scratch because it is a fun way for children to learn how to animate.”

“I like Scratch because of the animating you can do on it.”

“Dw i’n rhoi pump seren i’r Scratch!”

“I give Scratch five stars!”


Who are we?

The Digital Wizards are a pupil voice group who meet on a Tuesday. We learn new digital skills which enable us to be ‘digital leaders’ in our classroom.

One of our new jobs this year is to be ‘App Reviewers’. We look at new apps on the iPads and review them to help teachers and pupils decide on the best apps to use in class!

Check back regularly to read our reviews!

Cartoon Wizard hat, 10eps

Cartoon Wizard hat, 10eps