Scratch Review Medi 2019

In our first meeting of the year, we had fun playing with Scratch and learning how to create simple games. We are hoping to enter the DVLA code challenge later in the year. Here are some of our reviews about Scratch –

Dw i’n hoffi Scratch achos mae’n gwych!

I like Scratch because it’s easy for young children to learn to code with blocks.

I like it!

It’s quick and easy and good for children to do things.

Dw i’n rhoi pump seren i Scratch!

Who are we?

The Digital Wizards are a pupil voice group who meet on a Tuesday. We learn new digital skills which enable us to be ‘digital leaders’ in our classroom.

One of our new jobs this year is to be ‘App Reviewers’. We look at new apps on the iPads and review them to help teachers and pupils decide on the best apps to use in class!

Check back regularly to read our reviews!

Cartoon Wizard hat, 10eps

Cartoon Wizard hat, 10eps