The History of Flight ✈️ Spring 2019

As part of our travel themed topics, 3/4P, 4/5SL and 6J joined together to celebrate all things aeronautical. We learnt about the history of flight, investigated the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and created loop gliders, investigating which would fly the furthest. Finally, we collaborated on a Da Vinci inspired flying machine mural! Take a look…

Remembrance Day 2018

Year 6 have been learning about World War One as part of our Remembrance activities. We created poppies using felt and wrote descriptions about life in the trenches. We used our numeracy skills to create line graphs and timelines. Take a look!

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Tymor yr Hydref 2018 Autumn Term 2018


This term, Year 6 have been busy learning about the world of animals. We’ve designed our own Safari Parks and written poetry based on the book ‘The Lost Words’.

Whilst learning about habitats and adaptation, we’ve had the chance to look after five dragon eggs! We’ve learnt about habitats around the world and how animals adapt for the winter months.

As part of our work on the book ‘Tuesday’ by David Wiesner, we used Lego WeDo to create our own moving froglets 🐸.

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Autumn Term 2017 Tymor Hydref 2017

Welcome back to a new year in Year 6! 

This term our topic is ‘Roll Out The Red Carpet’. This topic is all about Kings and Queens, life in Tudor times and film making!

To start the Autumn Term, we have been focusing on the book ‘The BFG’ as part of a whole school project. We have created ‘Dream Jar’ poetry and written incredible character descriptions about The BFG.


We have also used the book as inspiration for Rich Tasks. We’ve used our numeracy skills to design our own Giant Country and to draw and measure life sized giants!

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Dragon Catching June 2017 Mehefin 2017

IMG_6577Due to the recent soaring temperatures, there has been an increase in the number of speckled egg shells found all around Wales. 5P and 6J have been busy planning how to catch the culprits and have tried to get their hands on a real life baby dragon!


We began by planning suitable traps and locations to catch the dragon in. Following this, we used our literacy skills to write instructions for other people who would like to recreate our traps.

We had great fun setting our traps and night vision camera to try to catch a glimpse of the creature.


This project has given us the opportunity to use our numeracy skills to work out how to care for the dragon and to learn all about adaptation for environments. We are now busy working on green screen news reports.

UPDATE: Take a look at our display of our fantastic work!


Election Fever Mehefin 2017 June 2017

To help us learn more about the General Election, 6J have been busy creating their own political parties for a school election. The winning party has £250 to spend on resources or  activities for the school. They have worked incredibly hard thinking of sensible ideas and ensuring that they are in budget! It’s now up to the rest of the school to vote for their favourite party.

Friday Update: The winners were announced this morning. After a very tense and close race, ‘Presteigne School Science Geeks’ won by a narrow margin!

IMG_1025 IMG_1026

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Hay Festival May 2017

Hay Festival May 2017

5P and 6J had a fantastic time at the Hay Festival (despite the hot weather and the long wait for the bus!) We enjoyed watching three fantastic shows by Scientist Steve Mould, Cartoonist Gary Northfield and Writer Emma Carroll.

DSCF2577 DSCF2578 DSCF2575 DSCF2585 DSCF2584